Help Somewhat Ace Fund For Music Videos And PR


Hello, We are a band called Somewhat Ace, out of Temecula California. After releasing our Billboard Charted album "Introducing Somewhat Ace", we are working on music videos, and Pr advertising to reach the next level of audience!

What We Need & What You Get

Music Videos are a very time consuming, and expensive piece of art to produce; so is advertising for the videos.  We will need to have a cameraman, stage light professional\s, crew, extras, and more.  Along with this, we need to pay for video editing, feeding our extras and crew, and paying for a location to shoot these videos.  This is all just a basic breakdown of what happens during the high production Somewhat Ace music videos, such as our video for "Cool Kids".

After creating the video, we will need to raise money for a PR manager, and advertising unite; this will get the videos seen on a worldwide spectrum.

The Impact

You guys have always had our back and are the most supportive people we have seen.  You have built this band up from the bottom and it will just keep rising with your continued support.  The goal of this campaign is to achieve funds for our future music videos and PR advertising; in which you can say you made an impact on! 

Thank you guys for everything you do! We really appreciate it.


Jeremy and Ethan

Somewhat Ace




Thank you for the support!