Somewhat Ace

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Somewhat Ace is a brother duo out of Temecula, CA. The members are Jeremy Kregel and Ethan Kregel. Recent releases of the band's originals "Hell Yeah! Williams" and "Outfits" opened them up to their younger listeners and diehard fans. Their debut will continue in the winter of 2018 with their new album. 

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Ethan Kregel

Ethan has been playing guitar since he was 4 years old when he received a guitar for Christmas. He has felt a passion to play in a band when he was 16 and has started taking music very seriously. Growing up on punk and hard rock, him and his brother, Jeremy, have taken their own step in music while having these influences. Personal interests include reading and writing. He is sponsored by Steve Clayton Picks.

Jeremy Kregel

Jeremy, brother of Ethan Kregel, is a drummer out of Temecula who was born in Orange County. His debut to drums started at the age of 3 and he became serious about his drumming at the age of 12. Some personal interests include Disney and fashion. Jeremy is also sponsored by Ahead Drumsticks. 

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